10 Top Tips For Clipping

Horse clipping tips

Love it or hate it, clipping season is upon us...

We ask the PE team for their top tips on clipping and managing a clipped horse.

10 Tips For A Successful Winter Clip

1) Bath Your Horse The Day Before Clipping

Bathing your horse will remove any dirt and grime build up that would make it more difficult for your clippers to glide through your horse's hair. A clean coat will allow your clippers to glide through easily and will not blunt your blades as quickly. A clean coat will also make for a cleaner clip with less lines.

Immediately after clipping it is best to give the horse a wash using a "hot cloth". This will remove any residue and excess hair that is lying on the skin which will irritate the horse.

2) Clip For Comfort

Choose an appropriate clip for your horse based on the level of work that they are in, in order to keep them comfortable throughout winter. If you are unsure, ask an experienced friend or professional to advise you on the ideal clip for your horse.

3) Use A Circuit Breaker For Safety

A circuit breaker will provide increased safety for you and your horse when using corded clippers. If you are using corded clippers, take care to keep the cord out of the way of both you and your horse.

4) Sharpen Up

Ensure that you have had your clipper blades sharpened before you begin clipping to make sure that you have a clean clip and that the blades will stay sharp for the entirety of the clip. Once you have finished, neatly put away your blades with your clippers or send them off for sharpening again ready for your next clip (depending on the usage of the blades).

5) Unsure? - Call The Professionals

If you do not own a set of clippers or you are unsure or inexperienced in clipping, get a professional or an experienced friend to clip your horse for you. Clipping services vary in cost.

6) The 'Mane' Event

You may find it easier to plait up your horse as if you were going to a show so that all mane and tail is out of the way of your clippers.
Of course, if you are hogging your horse you will need to leave the mane unplaited.

7) Give Yourself Enough Time

Give yourself plenty of time to begin and complete the clip. If you do not have access to lights, make sure that you start early enough so that you have enough day light. Do not rush and make sure you have everything that you need before you begin.

It can be helpful to have a friend close by whilst you are clipping.

8) Invest In Protective Clothing

If you are doing the clipping, you are going to get hairy. To avoid getting your clothes hairy/ dirty use a protective boiler suit or wear old clothes that you do not mind getting hairy.

When washing clothes that you have used during clipping it is a good idea to use a Horse Laundry Wash Bag to protect your washing machine from dirt and residue. Take a look here.

9) Prepare Your Rugs

Once you have clipped your horse you are going to need rugs to keep them warm when they are not being exercised. You will need to have your rugs ready for use before you begin clipping.

If you are getting your rugs cleaned professionally in advance of clipping, make sure that they will be back with you before you clip.

If you will be changing your rugs regularly (for example taking off turnout rugs and putting stable rugs on) consider using a rugging system with internal liners. This allows you to change rugs without removing the internal liner from the horse, meaning that you are not taking off an entire warm rug to put on a cold one.

Take a look at the Titan Trio Complete 4 in 1 Turnout Rug £350 for a complete rugging system solution.

Already have a PE stable or turnout rug? browse our range of Rug Liners that can be easily attached inside your outer rug*.

Rug Liner Displayed

10) Creature Comforts

If you have completed a full clip, you may want to provide your horse with additional warmth on areas that a rug does not cover.

Take a look at the PE Stretch Lycra Hood £46 for face and neck coverage.

For leg coverage take a look at the Stable Boot Wraps for stable use, or for leg coverage during turnout try our range of Horse Turnout Boots.

Going on the walker? no problem. Take a look at our range of Horse Walker Rugs and Exercise Sheets.

Titan 450g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover

Products You May Like

Horse Laundry Wash Bag – Large £10

Acting as a filtration system for your washing machine, this horse laundry wash bag is ideal for washing your saddle pads, rugs and dirty riderwear without damaging/ clogging your washing machine with loose hair and debris.

Premier Equine Storage Bag – Medium £18, Large £26

Use them on the yard to store rugs, horse boots, saddle pads etc. or use them for competitions and load them with all of your competition items - keeping them clean and safe during transport.

Here To Help

The PE rugging system is the ideal solution for the changing weather/ seasons and clipped horses. Ideal for equestrian professionals working on busy yards the rugging system allows for quick and easy application or removal of rug liners to customise the weight of the rug in use.

For expert advice on the best PE rug for your horse, pony or working yard please call the order line on 01469 532279 and our customer services team will be happy to help.

*Excludes the Buster Hardy range.

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