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Maintaining a sound and fit horse is at the forefront of every horse owner's priorities. Regardless of level and discipline, many of us use boots or bandages to protect our horse's legs. During exercise, there is a lot of strain and pressure incurred on the lower legs specifically the tendons and ligaments, therefore many veterinarians recommend using a sports medicine boot to minimise the risk of injury.

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Air-Tech Sports Medicine Boots:

The Air-Tech Sports Medicine Boots have been developed alongside the advice of veterinarians to offer support to all the major tendons and ligaments of the lower leg. The boots are anatomically shaped with a strap that wraps underneath the horse's fetlock to provide support and prevents the joint from hyperextending. They are also a quicker and easier alternative way to bandaging.

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What Are They Made From?

The Air-Tech Sports Medicine Boots are crafted from a robust Air-Tech ventilated neoprene, featuring a shock layer to protect the leg against brushing or impacts from strikes. The material is perforated, allowing heat build-up to escape, combating overheating issues. Incorporating 360° stretch technology, ensuring the boot moves with the horse and does not restrict them in any way. They also feature a moisture-wicking jersey lining which aids in quick-drying and has a soft hand feel for horses with sensitive skin. Velcro wraps-around straps make the boots secure and easy to use.

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Customer Review:

As part of our mission for continued improvement, we asked one of our customers to review their experience with the Air-Tech Sports Medicine Boots.

How do the boots size up & fit?

"I have a 16.1hh Belgium Warmblood who wears medium front, large behind. I found these boots fitted perfectly, offered enough support, and were long enough to offer complete protection. The contoured anatomical design meant they do not pinch behind the knee or rub around the fetlock. The Velcro straps can be accurately adjusted to your horse as they Velcro to the main fabric, meaning they have a lot of adjustability in the fit. The lower strap that cups around the fetlock gives enough support during exercise. On first impressions I found them to be much lighter than my previous set of Sports Medicine Boots."

How are the boots performing?

"Before purchasing these boots I always used to train in bandages (which can be very time consuming). I've found these boots are a great alternative to traditional bandages, they are easy to use and don't take much time to put on either. I have used the Air-Tech Sports Medicine Boots several times now for various types of exercise, from intense schooling to general light hacking and in various types of weather. I've found the boots are very well ventilated and my horse's legs were not as sweaty as they usually are under training bandages. I've also noticed that in rain, the boots did not hold water, meaning they keep super lightweight."

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”These boots have changed my mind on using traditional bandages for training, they have saved me lots of time when tacking up and I have peace of mind that my horse's legs are suitably supported."

If you have any further queries on our Air-Tech Sports Medicine Boots or need help with sizing contact the sales team on 01469 532279 or

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