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2024 fashion trends, equestrian style
Here at Premier Equine, we have provided key insights into emerging trends and colours throughout Spring/Summer 2024 which are anticipated to transcend through multiple seasons including 2025!


Seasonal Colours

Welcoming the Spring/Summer season for 2024, we have created a captivating contemporary blend of timeless classics and everyday sustainable essentials.

Impactful in its simplicity, nude and earth tones lead the way into SS24, whilst it is clear that soft pastel shades truly dominate the upcoming season. The combination of contrasting bold colour selections and soft shades unveil a contemporary colour palette when used together. The new accumulation of unorthodox Pantone's convey and reflect a parallel objective of focus, whilst delivering a balance of a casual and innovative aesthetic.

Our SS24 product releases have included key colours for the upcoming season paired with attractive staple colours such as brown, grey, and navy to keep a vibrant contrasting highlight. Following the transition from AW23 to SS24, bold favourites such as orange, green, blue, and pink have been adapted to create a refreshing and energetic aesthetic, helping to set the tone for the year ahead.

Tren outfit inspiration for spring and summerStyle Trends

Minimalistic and monochromatic styling has stormed its way into the season. Strong and simplistic, the head-to-toe coordination creates a flattering silhouette drawing vertical attention and conveying a sophisticated well put together look, for both horse and rider. As colour palettes often change over time, classic black and white ensembles remain timeless. Providing a striking impression, these combinations add a stable element of longevity to your equestrian wardrobe.   

For those who prefer softer tones, neutral shades are welcomed through the Spring/Summer '24 season, drawing warmth and depth to the everyday aesthetic with a luxurious feel. Of course, this aesthetic isn't restricted to rider clothing. Coordinating an equestrian wardrobe with a horse's saddlery and accessories creates a powerful pairing that expresses deliberation and continuity with an equine partner. 

Technology and performance is at the forefront of our designs. It is vital that equestrian clothing not only looks the part, but performs exceptionally too. When designing each element, we place a lot of our focus on body movement in and out of the saddle. This ensures that our clothing can provide riders with optimum freedom of movement and comfort, amongst other advanced technologies within the products fabric and materials. 

Equestrian Outfits


Sustainability and longevity plays a massive role in today's society which is something that is important to us here at Premier Equine. Along with offering good value, we sell products that have been designed to last, helping to combat the 'disposable' and 'throwaway' culture which can often surround the equestrian industry, fuelled by poorly produced products. As well as this, we are currently designing and developing new items that are made from recycled materials to put life back into products that would have ordinarily been discarded. 

We have recently introduced organic 100% cotton t-shirts into the womens clothing line, featuring in a selection of modern pastel colours, following with the seasonal trends outlined for 2024. Organic cotton material has also been included in the men's range. The men's Respiro Polo Shirt has been designed and constructed from SUPIMA cotton. This cotton is grown and sourced organically and is twice as strong as regular cotton, enhancing the overall durability, comfort, and life span of the product. 

Menswear black polo shirt and equestrian wear.

Continuing to make every effort to use eco-conscious production systems, here at Premier Equine, we only use environmentally friendly dyes. These dyes are high quality and steadfast, meaning that the textile retains colour exceedingly well. In combination with superior fabrics with excellent properties, the company can help to reduce the impact on the environment, whilst producing stylish, technical, and luxury essentials for each equestrian sphere. 


BLACK LABEL - New Bespoke Collection 2024

The Premier Equine Black Label collective has been crafted to allow luxury products and high-end designs to be accessible to everyone. Focusing on high quality technical fabrics and innovative designs, the Black Label represents the pinnacle of refined aesthetics, elite performance, and timeless craftsmanship. 

Subtle styling with distinguished aesthetics creates this range, embellished with sophisticated branding used throughout to boast quality and sporting class. Although new to 2024, this range is expanding immensely within the Spring and Summer seasons with exciting new products to keep watch for.  

Competition clothing and equestrian wear. Wine/rogue red

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