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Review of the Titan 200g Turnout Rug

"With winter now in full swing, to 'rug or not to rug' is the most popular question. With the choice of clipping away some of that fluffy winter fur, most will choose to rug their horses or ponies during this season. With my pony Ariarna, I have chosen to rug her a little bit lighter as she currently is not clipped out. However, Rio my little sisters pony, is fully clipped out so we feel that rugging him is necessary. With that in mind we started the search for a warm rug for him. We decided that the new rug should have a detachable neck, as this can cover a range of different temperatures, without having to change rugs constantly."

Titan 200g Pony Turnout Rug - India Malyon

"We chose the 200g Titan turnout rug from Premier Equine, having the choice of adjustable leg straps or a PVC (easily washable and detachable) tail strap, you can choose between which ever suits your horse the best, or even both! As well as being dual purpose for use day and night, the Titan 200g Turnout Rug comes in navy, purple or red so you can keep in with your desired colour scheme! With added Hi-Viz for horse visibility this rug is also perfect for hand walking, or just purely trying to spot your horse in the dark!"

Titan 200g Pony Turnout Rug - India Malyon 2

"Compatible with Premier Equine rug liners, this is the most versatile anti-bacterial rug that you will find. On purchasing Premier Equine rugs you will receive a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee."

My Experience with Premier Equine Rugs

"4 years ago when I first got Ariarna, I purchased a Premier Equine 450g turnout rug, today I still have the same rug and even when it has been washed it still comes up looking brand new and it’s still fully waterproof. I am so impressed by these rugs that when I purchase my new future horse, I will make sure his/her wardrobe is all Premier Equine! I couldn’t recommend them enough."

"With sizes and styles to suit any kind of horse or pony, big or small, slight or chunky, Premier Equine have got it covered!"

Titan 200g Pony Turnout Rug - India Malyon 3

Have a good ride,

From @my_girl_ariarna

A great review of the Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover from guest blogger India, the Titan 200g Turnout Rug with Neck Cover is available in sizes 5'0" - 7'3".

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