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Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad

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Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad
  • Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad
  • Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad
  • Anti-Slip Airflow Shockproof Racing/Training Saddle Pad

A technical and innovative saddle pad incorporating anti-slip fabric, shockproof protection and moisture control.

Shockproof fabric and memory foam help give optimum protection to the horse's back and wither area whilst high-tech, innovative materials allow moisture and sweat to disperse away from the horse's skin. This saddle pad provides perfect protection for Flat and National Hunt horses during daily training. We recommend using a Buster Reversible Saddle Pad underneath for maximum comfort and protection.

Saddle Pad Key features...

  • Shockproof materials relieve pressure over wither and back
  • Memory foam inner provides comfort
  • High wither design
  • Anti-wick fibres in the filling draw away sweat and moisture
  • Minimises heat and sweat build up
  • Anti-rub protection
  • Machine washable (30), dry naturally
Give maximum protection to your racehorse with our Air-Cooled Super Lite Eventing/Racing Boots.
Customer reviews
Size : FullColour : Black
Seems to be working very well on my MW flatbacked coblet !
Karen W.
Size : FullColour : Black/Red
Size : FullColour : Black
Sara R.
Size : FullColour : Black
Does its job perfectly...fantastic service.
Jill R.
Size : FullColour : Black
We've got a few now and makes every saddle fit and more comfortable for the horse.
Mandy B.
Size : FullColour : Black
The style didn't fit my Horse, but I would have to pay almost 80$ to return it, and that is more than the price of the pad.
Christina S.
Size : FullColour : Black
Not thick but fells like it is doning it's job.
Johanna Bjerling.
My big horse does a lot of hunting and quite a sensitive back I've tried lots of different pads etc with no luck but this one has seemed to do a fantastic job so far in all the fitting work 👍
Alison J.
This is a little bit too stiff.
Saija M.
My horse & I love this racing/training pad.
He's a retired racehorse & high withered so I still ride him out in my racing saddle
I use this between a buster pad & the saddle - it's great!
Kim T.