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‘Brushing’ is a problem that is often related to a horses confirmation. Horses with narrow chests or lower leg defects are more likely to experience brushing. The lower leg and hoof swings sideways during exercise and catches the opposite leg, usually near the fetlock area. This can result in cuts, loss of hair, lameness, bone damage and pulled shoes. Brushing can occur on both the front and hind legs and is usually most obvious when a horse is trotting. Brushing problems may be improved by corrective farriery and by wearing brushing boots. Premier Equine provides a range of high quality and durable brushing boots which help to reduce the risk of trauma and injuries caused by brushing…

Air-Teque Single Locking Brushing Boots
Our single locking brushing boots are simple and easy to fit. The inside of the boot which protects the splint and fetlock area is composed of shockproof materials and covered in Microfiber leather. Microfiber leather is stronger than real leather, stretches and moulds to the horse’s leg and retains its original shape. These materials work together to help prevent brushing injuries as well as general knocks and scrapes. The boots are also constructed using our signature Air-Teque ventilated neoprene which is perforated to allow maximum airflow. Although specifically designed to help protect against brushing, these boots are highly versatile and can be used for general protection whilst schooling, hacking, jumping and much more.

Air-Teque Double Locking Brushing Boots

Double locking brushing boots are secured with two sets of straps instead of one. The inside straps face the horses tail and the outside straps come over those to face the horses head. This perhaps seems a little backwards as a boot would normally fit with the straps facing towards the tail, however it is simply an extra method of security and does not impede the natural action of a horse moving. It is important that these boots are fitted correctly so that the shockproof materials and Microfiber leather which covers the splint and fetlock area sit in the correct place on the leg. They offer the same amount of protection as our single locking brushing boots and incorporate the same great materials. It is a matter of preference as to whether an owner chooses single or double locking brushing boots. The boots feature our sleek ‘Premier Equine’ embossed branding and embroidery, giving them a true performance look and feel. Ideal for use at home or at competition.

All of our brushing boots are fully machine washable. Before washing remove dried hair, dirt and sweat with a stiff brush. Close all Velcro straps to prevent them from snagging in the washing machine. We recommend placing the boots inside one of our Horse Boot Wash Bags which further protects the boots from damage whilst being washed. Wash on a 30° cycle with non-biological detergent and leave to dry naturally away from direct heat sources.

View our range of brushing boots here.

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