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Paddock Boots

Paddock Boots

Durability. Comfort. Style

If you have ever tracked how many steps you do at the yard, you will understand why comfort and durability is at the forefront of our footwear design process. We aim to create a range of paddock boots which are as hard working as the equestrian who wears them.

Front Zip Paddock Boots

All our front zip paddock boots feature a durable metal YKK zip, a rear leather pull on tab and elasticated panelling at the ankle for comfort.

Side Zip Paddock Boots

Our double side zip boots feature two YKK zips, a rear leather pull on tab and elasticated panelling for a close, comfortable fit.

Rear Zip Paddock Boots

Prefer the look of a traditional lace front paddock boot but don't like the idea of lacing and unlacing? Our lace front boots always feature a YKK zip closure for convenience.

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