A Guide to Finding the Best Winter Riding Jacket for You

A Guide to Finding the Best Winter Riding Jacket for You

The best jackets for horse riding provide protection and allow performance - no matter what the weather. A warm, waterproof jacket is the vital starting block for your cosy, winter equestrian wardrobe, helping you to brace against the elements during the colder winter months. 

Best Winter Horse Riding Jackets are Waterproof with a Teflon coating

Blouson/Bomber/Varsity Jackets

The most popular styles of horse riding jackets are designed around blouson/bomber variations. The Pro Rider Unisex Waterproof Riding Jacket is the prime example of an all-round riding and yard jacket which will keep you warm, dry and comfortable throughout all equestrian activities. 

Fully waterproof and stain resistant: this unisex blouson jacket has a Teflon coating and 5000mm waterproof and breathability rating, making it ideal for use every day, all year round. Elasticated cuffs and waistband help to prevent wind chill, accompanied by a snug-fit fleece-lined collar. A 100g fill and luxurious quilted lining add warmth during the colder days and an internal zip allows access for embroidery - perfect for professional yards, teams, and extra-supportive partners. 

Pro Rider Unisex Waterproof Riding Jacket: Breathable - Chill Prevention - Waterproof - YKK Zip

For a sporty look with a sleek profile, you may prefer the Pro Sport Varsity Riding Jacket. This ladies jacket is slightly lighter in fill at 40g to provide lightweight insulation. The waterproof outer fabric is very durable and engineered to withstand heavy wear whilst keeping you dry and comfortable. Super easy to care for - this jacket has a Teflon coating which helps to repel dust, dirt and stains. Finished with a luxury 200gsm micro-fleece lining to help moderate your temperature.

Horse Riding Jackets - Designed For In-The-Saddle Use

As the designs of horse riding coats evolve, options arise for jackets designed to offer improved coverage whilst in the saddle. Riding in heavy rain in a shorter-cut waistline often leads to wet breeches as the rain rolls down the length of the jacket. If you're not wearing water-repellent breeches, this can be rather uncomfortable, especially if you plan to be in the saddle for an extended period of time. Whether you are at home, in the arena, or out hacking in the countryside - staying dry and comfortable is the least you deserve!

Cascata Ladies Waterproof Riding Jacket - full coverage whilst in the saddle

For maximum coverage with unrestricted movement; look no further than the Cascata Ladies Waterproof Riding Jacket. Designed with practicality and elegance in mind, this riding coat is perfectly engineered to provide protection from the elements both on foot and in the saddle. With a luxuriously soft quilted lining - you can remain warm and comfortable no matter what the weather. 

The added length allows the rain to glide down without soaking your seat thanks to the robust 5000mm waterproof rated material; rear fold-away gussets and hide-away front skirts offer protection of the upper leg and allow freedom in the saddle. Deep front pockets provide spacious security for your possessions. You may tailor your jacket to your shape with the adjustable waistline and elasticated cuffs for the most refined and comfortable fit. Sporting a detachable hood with a quilted lining, fleece-lined collar and discrete shielding peak which looks stylish whether attached or not. 

Crafted in a soft-touch fabric which is easy to care for - creating the perfect waterproof riding coat with ultimate protection.

Mid-Layers, Fleece Tops, & Layering For Warmth

When the colder months take hold, sometimes even your favourite waterproof riding jacket might not offer quite enough warmth to set your brisk mornings off to a snug start. By building your outfit in stages, with a supporting mid-layer, you can adapt to the elements and make sure you are ready for the cold outdoors (after all, it's always easier to take a layer off than to try to restore your body heat at the stables!). The most popular and favoured selection for a mid-layer is a trusted and technical fleece top or jacket. 

Fleeces are the most popular mid-layer - Ascendo Microfleece Riding Top

The necessary requirements from your mid-layer should consist of:

  • - Sweat absorption & moisture management,
  • - Chill prevention & heat retention,
  • - Breathable, 
  • - Quick drying

The Ascendo Microfleece Riding Top offers all these and more. Combining a perfect fit with our luxurious hand-feel microfleece. Breathable and moisture-wicking, this piece is an easy-to-wear and comfortable addition to your equestrian wardrobe. Featuring zipped pockets, ideal for storing your valuables while riding.

Constructed with a full-length front zip front for ease of wear and the flattering fit makes this top perfect for use as part of a casual outfit as well as around the yard or while riding. Pair with breeches or riding tights for timeless equestrian style or with jeans for a casual day look.

Elena Hybrid Riding Jacket - the alternative Mid-layer with added insulation.

There is one downside to using a fleece jacket which we have all experienced: horse hair can seem to stick everywhere! If you need an option that you can take off your outer layer without retaining loose hair from grooming your horse - you should consider one of our synthetically insulated jackets. The most popular insulated mid-layer at Premier Equine is the Elena Ladies Hybrid Technical Riding Jacket.

Using synthetic polyfill as the insulating material provides a warmth-retaining and lightweight layer which can be compressed for easy packing. Whilst this material is not quite as compressible as using down insulation - the synthetic advantages include retaining efficiency in damp conditions. Coupled with a shell outer material provides added water and wind resistance when required. Keeping in line with the desired functions of the ideal mid-layer: this jacket has mid-weight jersey sleeves and underarm panels for enhanced moisture-wicking and quick-drying abilities whilst limiting the attraction of loose horse hair and dust!

Fix Your Foundations - Selecting Your Base Layer

Designed to regulate your body temperature and wick away sweat and moisture from the skin, the base layer top is the first layer of protection for your skin and therefore it is vital that this layer provides you comfort and offers breathability.


Ombretta Ladies Technical Riding Top - The Ideal Baselayer with moisture wicking properties and lightweight insulation

The Ombretta Ladies Technical Riding Top is the customer favourite for training in comfort all year round. A truly classic base layer for active riders, the sweat-absorbing thermal fabric offers moisture-wicking comfort as an ideal base to start your winter layered wardrobe.

The close-cut design fits comfortably like a second skin underneath your mid and outer layers, enhanced by a four-way 360˚ stretch allowing complete freedom of movement in the saddle and on the ground. Available in 7 select colours, many riders use the Ombretta Technical Layer as part of their cross-country and training outfit for the ultimate colour coordination.

Finishing Touches - Rider Accessories

Now that you have protected and insulated your body, it is important to transfer that same level of thought and protection into the rest of your outfit! It is important to keep your legs warm and protected, even whilst riding. Add a pair of water-resistant breeches to your winter wardrobe to prevent chills and pains from the cold elements. 

It's essential to protect your extremities, i.e. your hands and feet! With a large selection of riding socks available, you can choose a style that suits you and offers seamless comfort in a sleek design which fits comfortably inside your riding boots. To complete your outfit, and add to your winter defences, look no further than the Dajour Waterproof Riding Gloves. Expertly designed for the modern equestrian, these waterproof riding gloves ensure you are prepared - whatever the weather.

Dajour Waterproof Riding Gloves - Perfect for winter - warm, waterproof and insulated

Engineered with soft synthetic leather these riding gloves are entirely waterproof to keep your hands warm and dry when riding. Featuring a touch-screen panel you can easily use your touchscreen phone without the need to remove your gloves – perfect for those cold mornings or chilly evenings.

Offering an exquisite hand feel these gloves have exceptional grip for handling the reins – ideal for if the reins become wet. Communicate precisely with your horse with a Thinsulate lining for warmth without compromising contact with the reins.


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