A Show Jumping Christmas Q&A With Florencia Munk

A Show Jumping Christmas Q&A With Florencia Munk

This holiday season, Premier Equine channels the spirit of Show Jumping - discover the collection of gifts available for you, your horse, loved ones, and show jumping enthusiasts.

Show jumping is an intense and exciting discipline that tests the skills of riders and horses alike. The elements of trust, talent, training, love, and danger involved makes for the sport to be a thrilling and atmospheric experience for riders and spectators. For this seasons blog we have been able to provide you with main insights into the discipline and key products, with an exclusive Q&A series and Christmas wish list from show jumper Florencia Munk! 

With 2024 fast approaching, Florencia shared with us that her plans and ambitions for the year ahead of us is to, "keep learning, enjoying, and competing. My main goal for the start of next year is to compete a Mini-prix (1.35m)." Displaying strong bonds with her horses, Florencia shares her current challenges and her day-to-day life with her current horse Geo. 

Show Jumper Florencia Munk biography 

Q) What do you love most about Show Jumping?

A) The thrill of jumping is hard to explain, but impossible to forget once you've experienced it. I love the power, adrenaline, speed, and the feeling of flying.

Q) Does your riding equipment and tack change depending on the level you are competing/riding at?

A) I ride one horse and we usually compete at 1.20m/1.30m. I have different equipment that I use for training at home and out at shows compared to when i'm competing. I save my best saddle pads, ear bonnets, boots, and riding gear for competitions, especially the classic pieces. 

Florencia - Q&A

Q) Do you prefer riding tights or breeches, or does this depend on what you're doing? Which are your favourites and why?

A) I like both breeches and tights, but I incline towards breeches as I find the zipper and buttons easier to put on than a tight, especially when it's too hot and sticky (I live in Texas, so hot weather and humidity is a big issue). 

The Coco and Torino are my favourite breeches, although I find the Milliania breeches the cutest. When it comes to the Ralla breeches, these have been the best breeches to flatter my figure the most. 

Not a breech, but the Ombretta base layer is one of my favourites in my closet: I have it in every colour except black and green. I even have two navy's! I also have two white Ombretta base layers to compete in. 

Q) What riding gloves do you use? (Is there a particular colour, material, or grip you prefer?)

A) I like Premier Equine gloves, right now I own and ride using the Presa. Typically, I like using synthetic gloves as they tend to be slightly thinner and take the shortest amount of time to adapt to my hand. I feel they are better for contact with my horse and protect my hands. 

Q) What saddle do you use and why? If you were going to buy a new saddle from our range which one would it be?

A) I'm currently using an Argentinean saddle. When I moved to Texas and was shopping for a saddle, I wanted to get the Chamonix Leather Close Contact Jump Saddle. I'd definitely like to try it in the future.

Q) Which saddle pad do you use and why? Is there a saddle pad you would like but haven't got yet?

A) For Competitions, I have a black Premier Equine Saltare saddle pad and a wine Alberta saddle pad. I like to swap and mix up my looks with Quino when we're competing. I also use the Tech Grip Pro Anti-Slip Correction pad as it helps deliver a better fit for my saddle and adds more comfort for my horse, Quino.

When it comes to everyday, I've been waiting to try the Close Contact Air Technology Anti-Slip Jump Square, or the Close Contact Tech Grip Pro Anti-Slip Jump Square.

For competitions, I've been looking to get the Azzure Anti-Slip Satin Jump Square, every colour is just amazing!

Q)  Are there any other Show Jumping specific products you use and why?

A) In competitions I like using the Fenwick Mask as well as the PE ear bonnets. The mask keeps Quino focused and relaxed, makes him feel better.


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