Get To Grips With Riding Tights

Get To Grips With Riding Tights

With so many products being available across the equestrian market, it can prove to be hard knowing what to buy. Below, we have provided a breakdown of key features and benefits to purchasing riding tights, (because let's be honest, we all live in them nowadays).   

Having the right gear is essential. As the warmer seasons are approaching, one thing every equestrian should consider is a pair of riding tights. Riding tights offer numerous benefits that can enhance both comfort and performance in and out of the saddle. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, investing in a quality pair of equestrian riding tights is a smart choice.

1. Improved Grip and Stability

Many horse riding tights are designed with a silicone gel material on the seat, inner thighs and knee. This feature provides riders with a better grip in the saddle, enhancing stability and balance across all disciplines. With improved grip, riders can maintain a secure position, especially during challenging movements or jumps.

Riding tights and gel grip

2. Enhanced Comfort

Riding tights are made from a technical four-way stretch material which offer high levels of breathability and superior comfort during intense training sessions or long hours in the saddle. Additionally, many equestrians perform other activities including yoga, running, and daily commutes to and from the shops, highlighting the overall versatility of riding tights. The materials used are moisture-wicking, which helps to keep riders dry and cool, even in hot weather. Moreover, the seamless construction of riding tights reduces chafing and irritation, ensuring a comfortable ride.

3. Freedom of Movement

Unlike traditional riding breeches, equestrian riding tights provide a greater range of motion and excellent shape retention. The four-way stretch fabric allows for unrestricted movement, enabling riders to easily bend their knees and flex their hips while maintaining proper form. This freedom of movement is particularly beneficial for disciplines that require flexibility, such as mounted games, vaulting, dressage, and jumping.

Riding tights for ladies and junior. Flexible leggings

4. Streamlined Appearance

Riding tights have a sleek and streamlined appearance that contours and flatters the rider's natural figure. The form-fitting design eliminates excess fabric and bulk, creating a clean refined and polished look. This is especially important in disciplines like dressage, where a neat and professional appearance is highly valued. Additionally, the construction and fit of riding tights offer a simple pull-on design, making them time efficient and easy to pull on and off; especially in warmer weather.

Mirillo Riding Tight

5. Versatility

Equestrian riding tights are not only suitable for riding but also for other equestrian and non-equestrian activities. They can be worn for barn chores, lunging sessions, gym sessions, or even casual outings. The versatility of riding tights makes them a practical investment for any equestrian or active enthusiast.

6. Easy Care and Durability

Riding tights are typically machine washable and incredibly quick-drying, making them easy to care for. The materials used are often durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the tights can withstand the demands of regular riding activities. With proper care, a good pair of riding tights can last for many seasons. So, if you're looking to take your riding to the next level, consider investing in a pair of high-quality equestrian riding tights.




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Get To Grips With Riding Tights

Get To Grips With Riding Tights

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