Brave The Elements - A Guide To Our Waterproof Essentials

Equestrian waterproof essentials

As many of us who live in Britain know far too well, we are currently being hit with a typical British Summer, which means lots of rain. After a rather optimistic start to the year when we had temperatures of 25°+, we felt it would be a summer that matched last year. However, it didn’t last long as we now have highs 14° and you feel like you should get your armbands out every time you walk outside.

As many equestrians are not fair-weather riders, and not many of us have the luxury of having an indoor arena (if you do many equestrians are jealous right now). Therefore, it is important we have the correct equestrian wardrobe to cope with the unpredictable weather conditions. Who else agrees there is nothing worse than getting drenched?

Pro Rider Unisex Waterproof Riding Jacket Layout

Finding the Perfect Jacket:

For many of us, the most important piece of equipment for our equestrian wardrobe is a good waterproof coat. The Pro Rider Unisex Riding Jacket offers just that and being a unisex jacket makes it a perfect coat for both male and female riders. Designed with the rider in mind, the Pro Rider Unisex Riding Jacket is superior in comfort and practicality, crafted with a fully waterproof Teflon coating that helps prevent staining, as well as keeping you dry. Added features such as a snug fit collar, elasticated cuffs, and waist make for a stylish fit jacket but also provides added protection from the elements making this a must-have for year-round use.


Buster Zero 0g Turnout Rug Burgundy

Stay-Dry Horse Protection:

Not only is it important for ourselves to stay dry, but it is also important for our horses during their summer turnout to keep protected from the summer rain. The Buster Zero 0g Turnout Rug with Classic Neck Cover is manufactured from a breathable 840D ballistic nylon, treated with our proven waterproof system it not only keeps the horse dry and comfortable but helps to regulate their temperature. The Buster Zero is an adaptable rug as it has attachments so that our ‘rug liners’ can be added to increase warmth, making it versatile in cold weather conditions.

Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug with Surcingles

When we do have classic summer weather, living in Britain there is often a chance of rain. The Buster Stay-Dry Super Lite Fly Rug with Surcingles is the perfect rug for those unpredictable days where the weather can’t quite make up its mind, sun one minute and rain the next. The upper section of the rug is crafted from a 600D ripstop waterproof and breathable material providing protection from rain showers. The lower section is made from 100% lightweight nylon and is approximately 70% UV reflective which offers incredible strength, durability, and superior comfort designed to protect against the flies and insects.

Do you have any products which you cannot be without to protect yourself and your horse from the rain Britain is currently facing?

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